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Volcanologist Visit

On Monday 18th March our Big Bumble children were visited by two Volcanologists. A Volcanologist or Vulcanologist is a geologist who studies the processes involved in the formation and eruptive activity of volcanoes and their current and historic eruptions, known as Volcanology.
Dr & Dr Brown visited our Big Bumbles to talk to them about volcanoes. The children heard all about lava and how a volcano erupts. They stood on a world map and discussed where in the world we might find a volcano, and learnt that back in Jurassic times the Lake District had a volcano. They then looked at different videos and photos of volcanoes erupting and lava both hot and cooled. The children were then shown pieces of volcanic rock and carried out an experiment to see which pieces would sink and which would float in water – they found that even the heavy pieces would float due to having a lot of bubbles inside of it; this is formed when the hot lava bubbles are still there. The children were also given the opportunity to try on the safety equipment worn by a Volcanologist. Once all of the children had had the opportunity to carry out the activity, all of the Big Bumbles then went over to the field to watch an experiment, which used coca cola and mentos mints. Both the children and practitioners thought this was fantastic as it erupted as a real volcano would.
We would like to say a huge thank you for our visit – what a brilliant learning experience!
Thank you
The Busy Bears Team




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