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The Big Bumbles have had a surprise visit from Ryan and the BMW i8. Ryan came to visit us at nursery to engage with the children through their interest­s in vehicles and also to show the children how things work inline with it being British Science week. To begin with the children were asked to work together in pairs and find parts of the car includin­g logos, letterin­g, number, wheels etc, as the children found these parts they needed to use their mark making skills to mark it off there list of items to find. When the children were happy that they had found all of the items they were able to physical­ly explore the car. The children were amazed when Ryan opened the doors and they moved up instead of out. The children were able to get inside the i8 and explore the iDrive system finding out what the system could tell you about the car. The Bumbles had a fantasti­c time, all using their listenin­g ears when we were outside. Well Done!




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