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The current block of ‘Relax Kids’ has now come to an end. Their last session recapped all the skills learnt relating to self-regulation of emotions.

During the last session the children enjoyed listening to a story which showed images representing certain emotions. After reading this story the children had an opportunity to act out these emotions themselves. One child wanted to be happy so went around giving hugs to everyone, and another child was showing anger and became a stomping roaring dinosaur.

The children then took part in a game using bubbles. The children were active and dancing while blowing and popping bubbles for the first round and for the second round they sat calmly and quietly watching the bubbles float around them as they blew and popped them slowly as they approached. This activity promotes deep breathing as they are blowing the bubbles – deep breathing automatically sends a message to the body to relax and calm down.

More deep breathing activities included; blowing feathers up in the air and watching them float back down, and also using our fingers to breathe in and out as you move up and down your hand.

Once calm, the children made a massage train where they made movements on each other’s backs and head. The children enjoyed giving as well as receiving the massage as they could see that it feels good to be kind to each other.

The ‘Relax Kids’ sessions have broadened children’s understanding of the feeling of calmness; building confidence which will support school readiness; building children’s ability to focus & maintain concentration and develop their imaginations & creativity.

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