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RSPB Birdwatch

Today our Little Bumbles had the pleasure of meeting Michele from David Wilson Homes. They very kindly sent us some resources so our children could participate in this weekend’s RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch, a fantastic way of encouraging children outdoors and to get involved with nature.

We had binoculars, bird feed holders and bird seeds/suet balls delivered to us for the children to use today. The children were so enthusiastic to fill the feeders and could not wait to put these up in the garden. Once out in the garden, each child used their binoculars to search the sky. The children were also provided with an activity sheet to spot specific birds. The children were able recognise and spot blackbirds and pigeons from their sheets. What a lovely day the children have had, I’m sure they will continue to use their bird spotting sheets at home too. The whole experience has allowed the children to show care and concern for other living things and is a great way of building children’s empathy.

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