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Fruit Tasting

The Little Bumbles enjoyed a fruit tasting activity this week which came from an interest with growing fruit and vegetables at home. One Little Bumble kindly brought some vegetables in from their allotment to show everyone at nursery. From this the children talked about lots of things we grow at home including; tomatoes, potato’s, peas, carrots and even watermelons!
For the tasting activity we first discussed what different fruits we had – these included mango, kiwi, blackberries and watermelon. The children were able to use lots of describing words to explain the look, feel, taste and smell of the fruits, some language included; soft, hairy, furry, smooth, hard, cold, sweet, scrunchy, and mushy.
The Little Bumbles practiced their cutting skills too during this activity by using a knife. We talked about using it safely and with a little help the children could chop their own pieces of fruit. This is a fantastic independent skill to master which will also help at mealtimes. The children loved cutting and tasting the fruit, and we made a list of other exotic fruit we would like to try!

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