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Guinea Pigs

This week in the Little Bumbles room we have some special visitors – the guinea pigs Poppy and Gizmo!
We are looking after them for a few weeks and everyone is so excited! We have been talking about how we care for them, feed them, brush them, clean them out, how to hold and stroke the guinea pigs carefully. Lots of the Little Bumbles shared stories from home about their own pets too. This is a great opportunity for us to learn more about guinea pigs, we are going to use the tablet to research and we also have a fact book to read. We enjoyed watching Poppy and Gizmo explore their new environment. Some children held them and we described their fur using words like soft, fuzzy, warm, and cute. We listened very carefully and we could hear them squeak, so we discussed that’s how they talk to each other. We hope they enjoy their holiday in the Little Bumble room!

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