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National Insect Week 2020

*National Insect Week! 22nd – 28th June 2020*

During National Insect Week this week the children have been busy taking part in a variety of activities to understand what insects are.
The children have had lots of opportunities to discuss the natural world and find out more about insects. The children have used a variety of books and technology to expand their knowledge further – i.e. though the Hungry Caterpillar story, fact books and watching videos of insects. Our Big and Little Bumbles have also been busy creating models of insects using a range of media and resources and mark making their own insects.

Across nursery there have been numerous bug hunts taking place out in the garden. When finding insects in their natural habitat the children have shown the ability to be caring and considerate towards them and their environment. We are also lucky enough to have our own resident Stick Insects who live in the Big Bumble room to explore – they have provided the opportunity to learn new vocabulary such as camouflage. Thank you to one of our families who kindly brought in some Butterflies for the children to learn about too. The children have looked at patterns, symmetry, and life cycles. Although snails are not insects, the children were happy to find this creature during their hunt and became mesmerised by the movements and trail left behind. The children were also able to point out the pattern on the Snail’s shell.
What a great week we have had learning all about insects.

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