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X Marks the Spot

The Little Bumbles have been on a pirate adventure! The children have shown a great interest in all things pirate and sea creatures, this developed from books, small world figures, animals and jewels we have in the room. The children loved reading the different stories and this led to talking about treasure maps, especially X marks the spot! We made a giant treasure map together by painting it with tea bags and coffee granules, the children thought this made the map look old and spooky! Once it had dried we drew lots of different things on our map, using the stories to support our ideas. The map has ponds, lakes, rivers, animals, trees, flowers, pirates, boats and lots of treasure! The children worked together to create their masterpiece then used it to go on treasure hunts around the room. These activities inspired lots of language and new vocabulary, the children has lots of discussions and shared their ideas with the adults and each other. Imaginative play developed as the children became pirates, buried treasure and searched for sea animals from their boat.

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