Sensory Room

Did you know we have a Sensory Room that can be accessed by all children across nursery?

Right from birth, babies explore with their senses to help them make sense of things around them.

Our Sensory Room provides lots of opportunities for children of all ages to build their imaginations and explore the carefully selected resources using their senses in a safe and supported way. The room provides a calming space with a range of lights, sounds & tactile objects to encourage even our youngest babies to develop their understanding of the world around them.

As children progress through each stage of their development, resources are tailored to meet their needs and the ways in which resources are used expands.

We review & enhance this space on a regular basis, working closely with the Learning Library to ensure that there is always something new and inviting to encourage exploration, promote fine & gross-motor skills, engage in problem-solving & develop creativity.

We are delighted to share this video with you to highlight just some of the ways in which our children love to explore this space.

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